East Meadow, New York
Not resolved


-Broke my car

-Made me wait while they failed at fixing my car.

-Would not compensate me for breaking my car


It is always a bad sign when the car mechanical asks you how to open the hood of car. Every month I open the hood to change the oil and there is no problem. When I opened it for the mechanics at pep boys so they could change my battery there was no problem. When they called me into the garage complaining that they couldn't close it, I started to wonder if they broke it when attempting to open the hood in the first place.

After a 30 minute wait, I request they compensate me for the time or at least breaking my car. No one was willing to own up to their mistake and the person in charge suggested I pay for the hood repair in addition to the full price of my battery replacement bill. Mistakes happen and if they were willing to own up to it I would still find them to be a good car service. Instead I have to take out more time out to write this review so others won't have to pay for Pep Boys' mistakes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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You are lucky you can still drive your car. Pepboys did a number similar to your s to me.

I brought my car in to change 4 spark plugs. They went back and forth and 5 hours later, they finally gave me my car back at closing time. After paying $400.00 they opened the door and let me out. We checked the car, only to find, they broke the dip stick tube for the transmission oil. I guess that was the tactic, keep me til store closing to rush me out so I won't check the car. Now I am in for a long battle to get them to fic my car. Oh to top it off, a day later, I find the cable for on of plugs is not even plugged in.

Pepboys will never get my business again. Iin fact, I will make it my business to discourage any one from going to pepboys.


i work there and the guys that do the oil changes come from a bad background of lazyness and thef they alway curse use slang and swap parts from the parts counter the range from 100 - 300 dollars. the assintent manager has a tongue piecing with many tattos gages peicing ewww ect shes a girl and looks like a *** shes very bosy but no one tells her that i hat her. what im trying to say dont go to pep boys it a nightmare go to auto zone i went there and they had fast service


you opened it for them no problem

so what they brake.

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