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Please do yourself a favor and steer clear of the Pep Boys Auto repair in Cerritos CA especially if you are elderly or are a new driver. We could have died as the result of a simple tune up.

Just after the tune up when we were on the freeway, the steering locked and my 67 year old husband had to try to manhandle the car to exit the freeway safely. Turned out that Pep Boys had neglected to properly connect an air hose to the fuel line.

I called to ask for a refund, but the manager refused. I was afraid to write this review but want to warn customers.

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so you want a refund for the tune up done because a hose was possibly knocked loose during the tune up > ? perhaps you could have been a little less greedy , and expressed the concern about the issue asked for it to be repaired and instead of going all greed greed greed you could have asked for maybe a free oil change or a partial refund for the inconvenience of having to return , far too often people want it all for free , life's not free , you are not perfect and have made mistakes , and pretty sure that you would never just hand over money for a job that was done just because you had to redo a minor mistake


It was a *vacuum hose* that Pep Boys forgot to connect. BooHoo I hope you dont work for Pep Boys, because I remember Pep Boys from 1960 and they were great for most of my life.

I would hate to think that your attitude doesnt represent the company. Almost losing a life on a freeway is not exactly a boo hoo occurance. People beware of Pep Boys, as they refused to refund money and their manager made fun of us when we expressed concern that the car stalled on the freeway tryng to get on and then off.

So Seniors, maybe you should not take your cars to this establishment, because not only do they *** tuneups, they make fun of you if you express fearful sentiments. thank you.


Now what does an air hose have to do with the steering locking.. You the type of person that takes the car to get something fixed and takes advantage and blames the shop for all their car troubles

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