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Had blown engine,Pep Boys were going to replace.Then we decided no, truck is too old. Cancelled the order for engine.They trie to charge me a huge shipping fee, I called to cancel engine at least twice.

Then they would not release the truck, held it hostage, I called the cops, and their headquarters big hassle, never gi there. Ithink they actually caused the oil leak which blew the engine when they put in the wiper motor because it happened shortly after that.

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Oh yes,definitely without a doubt changing a wiper motor will cause an oil leak and an engine to blow,happens all the time.And sure you can cancel an order for free at any time because when they ship it back all shipping costs go away.The shipping company does not expect to get paid when you ship something and then ship it back.They do this for free all the time.Oh there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so i would start looking for one if i were you.

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