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my car was making very loud sounds when the car started and the air conditioner was on. I took it to the pep boys in bear delaware that handles these types of problems.

They charged me 1100.00 dollars and said it wasn't the airconditioner... but a tierod problem. after i got it back the radio didn't work. pep boys told me to bring it back, after missing time from work , and bringing it back, upon arrival i was told that the customer service rep had made an error and i didn't need to bring it in.

that i could just enter the code from the manual. after going home - i immediately noticed that my driving running lights, the clock,and the alarm were shutting off and on by themselves. when calling i was told the manager was on vacation and i left a message for him to call me. he didnt call.

so i called two weeks later and he said it sounds like a loose ground wire. so back to the store again,more work time lost. i call after the car has been there for 4 hours and ask when it will be done. they advise it is already done,and when asked why no one called, i was told i dont know.

when picking it up, they told me it was a battery short and they fixed it. as i was leaving the parking lot, what do you know it was doing it again. i stormedback in the storm, the lady saw me coming and leaned to two service guys and said that lady is coming back and she looks like she has an attitude and he said well i don't know and shook his head. i told her this isn't fixed and she sighed heavily and said i'll tell them to pull it back in.

i told her to forget it and they seemed relieved to be rid of me. NEVER NEVER NEVER take your car here, it is a rip off and the problem doesnt get fixed.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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I scheduled an appointment nine days in advance for a radiator flush and fill as well as a gear oil (standard transmission) flush and fill to be completed at the Pep Boys in Bear, Delaware at 8 AM on the 19th of July. I arrived early for my scheduled appointment yet I had to wait for other cars that also arrived early.

This was not how I had hoped to be treated for my first ever service at this center. My car finally made it to the racks by 8:30 AM. By 9:15 AM, my name was called and I was satisfied with the completion time even though I was not first on the racks as promised. I ordered top rated quality fluids (Peak coolant and Mobile 1 full synthetic gear oil).

I use only quality parts and fluids. I paid my invoice and I was on my way home when I decided to stop at another parts store to buy an air filter and a cabin air filter. As I was installing the new air filter under the hood, I decided to take my coolant tester from the trunk to check the quality of my new coolant. I discovered that there was no coolant in the reservoir and there no sign of any discharge from the reservoir overflow indicating that the reservoir had not been filled.

IT WAS BONE DRY! I was unable to return that same day because the center was nearly an hour from my home and I'd already spent an hour getting there and another hour returning home. I decided to return to Pep Boys in Bear on the 22nd to report my findings. The service manager called out the technician that performed the work and the technician said that he could not explain it.

He, too, could see no coolant in the reservoir. Of course, I know that he had likely not performed the work as requested. In any case, he took my car back into the service area to give it a pressure test. He came back out several minutes later and reported that the car had no loss of pressure thus a leak of any kind was not an issue.

I requested that he top it off and he did but I'm left wondering whether he truly flushed it or did he just drain it and refill it? I'm also wondering whether he flushed and filled my gear oil or just drained it and refilled it? Before I left, the service manager extended his hand for a handshake. He gave me his card and asked me to contact him if there was any issue.

I thanked him and was on my way. I took him up on his offer to contact him.

I sent him a rather lengthy email with my concerns and asked him to respond. To this date, I have heard NOTHING.

I will not return.

Algemesi, Valencia, Spain #429401

I noticed my Radiator leaking antifreeze the Night before so the next morning,

I took my car to Pepboys on Dupont Hwy in Newcastle Delaware to have the Radiator checked. They move the car in to the bay area to check it. The Mechanic

Act like he didn’t know what a radiator was. He then walked over to his boss and

Ask him what he was to check, then he went back over to the car looked under the

Hood and then under the car, picked up a bottle of antifreeze and poured some on the floor on the passenger’s side of the car under the radiator, then told his boss that

He found the leak. His boss then asked me to come over to the car so he could show me the leak. I asked the boss how much would it cost to get fixed the boss went to the computer and pressed a couple of keys, then came over to me and said it would

Cost $799.00 dollars because I had a hairline crack on the side of the radiator. I never told them were the leak was their leak was on the passenger’s side of the car

The leak I noticed was on the driver’s side, so I told them that was to much and I would fix I my self but the parts 1 Radiator $163.00 and 2hrs and its fixed. By the way the leak on the passengers side was never there so the mechanic made that hole his self!!!! Never take you care there they w-i-l-l Rip u OFF!!!

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