Visit any Pepboys in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and watch the silly dog and pony show they are putting on with traffic cones and balloons. What *** implemented this *** idea.

Don't hire qualified techs. Don't pay your employees. Paint a *** looking driveway add some silly balloons and call it drive up service. Its almost sad how pathetic a company can become when its leadership brings failing ridiculous ideas to the table and all of the management underneath this failed leader line up like sheep to push these *** ideas.

Thank you *** pepboys leader for ripping me off with yor phony gold,silver and bronze rip off packages.

Thank you for insulting me with *** balloons and cheesy gimmicks just for the opportunity to let and underpaid underqualified *** mechanic chop away at my car.

No wonder your previous president took the money and ran.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I should add that I am one of Pepboys openly *** managers and I get treated fine and dandy by other *** managers.


John Patrick I would tell you that if you turned your hate into passion as I did while playing football than you would help turnaround your company. You wouldn't be a person that has been fired by Robin Saunders and the only way you can be heard is to spout your mouth on a chat forum that really helps noone.

I would suggest to you if you are an employee is to turn your hate into passion to service your customers. I have visited a few stores in dallas, and the image that they have been able to established compared to a year ago is amazing. For the balloon party I would say that it has more curb appeal, and I actually like when the guys at the northwest highway store meet me at the side of building. To me that is true customer service an a concern for my time.

I now have to wait 2 minutes before my car is in the shop and a year ago I had to wait 30 minutes for that to happen.

Join the fight to improve the company's in america and not to try an tear them down. Be positive and your life may be worth something again.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #32786

I wouldn't let these azzclowns put air in my bike tires


Psst, those of us that work in Pep service think it is laughable too.

Believe me, the employees agree that the corporate leaders and regional/area directors are unqualified to run a lemonade stand.

As for techs, my store has ASE certified master techs, cerified mechanics and two starting installers in training. Some areas are etter or worse than others for staffing capable help.

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