Allentown, Pennsylvania
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my daughter went in for a cracked manifold i think..She hit a lot of potholes driving in NY on a new job..they estimated $500, she called me from the shop, i said ok & wired her money. When they had the car apart, they found all these other things needed, struts, etc totalling $2,000.

I told her have them put the car back together & take it elsewhere, which she did. They lost the job and all future business from myself and family who have been going there for many yrs.

This was the Pep boys on rte 18 in e.Brunswick NJ.

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If they had everything apart, why wouldn't they tell you what is obviously wrong and requires maintenance? If you were working on some one else vehicle and saw something that required maintenance would you say something or just not bother and let them find out for them selves?

It sounds like it was a courtesy to inform you of what kind of maintenance your car needs instead of letting you find out for your self. You could have also easily declined the maintenance but atleast you know about it.

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