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After buying a new water pump and a new radiator from Pep Boys (487 S. Broadway, Denver), then having to replace the water pump twice and the radiator once, all within a three year time period, and paying about $560 in labor for them to replace these same parts over and over again, I'll go elsewhere from now on....seems they supply poor quality parts that don't last very long.

For a national chain, I was very disappointed in their first attempt at a resolution: a free coolant flush. I then contacted an area manager who offered to refund me $100. Just a fraction of the over $1000 I spent in total for these parts/labor/taxes/miscellaneous shop fees/etc. for these two parts. I'll never trust a Pep Boys again.

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The car I bought came with a pep boys reciept in which the radiator was only replaced by their service team 2000 miles prior. Their must be a design flaw because the radiator leaked tranny fluid into where the lines come in and it cost both a new radiator and a transmission.

Because the car changed ownership they were'nt liable. The problem is'nt just Pep Boys. Autozones parts are just as bad. Even Napa's parts had to be replaced repetitively(turn signal switch twice) The problem is they are getting this cheap-assed *** from China and putting big warrantees on them where even if the part is defective it's still cost efficient to honor a big warrantee.

Example, I had to replace an EGR valve three times with autozone. It cost around 45$ but cost probably only 2$ to make, meaning they would still make a good profit if I replaced it 5X!!! However, it doe'snt do you anygood if its say an ignition module or alternator and you break down in Bumfuck Mississippi somewhere and it has to get towed and relaced in a garage that doe'snt use the same brand. Chinese tires are even worse.

I have American Cooper tires on the front and Chinese Coopers on the back rated the same. The Chinese tires keep going flat and are all cracked and they were purchased a year later and put on the back where its less weight bearing and not powered.

Bottom line, avoid Chinese made auto parts if you can. I hate to see what there cars will be like if they get sold here.


Never ever ever go to Pep Boys. People think that since they are a national chain that they are better than an independant mechanic.

This is wrong.

Pep Boys hires poor mechanics and has poor business practices. Avoid at all costs.


If you think their parts are bad, wait until you try their service. They are the bottom feeders of the automotive industry.

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