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I was in pep boy asking simple questions about my ac. I first asked which ac charge pump should I use bc I have the pump.

The person sounded like they had no clue what to do...... Second was after purchasing the ac charge , I asked to help place the charge in my car. They were either joking or serious about the installment of 50 dollars. I think this will be my last time at pep boys bc most of the time, people either have no clue what's to answer, fooling around, making messed up comments or not even at the register to help check out.

Thank u pep boys for ruining my experience one last time !!!!! Pep boys in Baldwin New York

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Pep boys in mobile ala especially on azalea Rd. is a horrible place and they know nothing about cars all they do is rip off people.

Took car in for leak in hose I knew it was water pump and that was last thing they looked at. Bought 2 cheap tires and I had already bought thermostats and guess whazt they charged 800 for those things and another 240 for plastic thing on engine they didn't know what it called.

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