Los Angeles, California

2007 bought 4 new tires. 2 had to be replaced with in one month due to becoming out of round.

2 years later the other 2 side walls gave out. Never again will I buy tires from pep boys again. This was at the Hemet,Ca store.Tires were of best grade. So I thought at the time.

Iwas so sorry at the Hemet mgr's response to my tire troubles. It took me 4 times to get any service both times.

There is nothing to add to my complant that I can think of. I bought Firestone tires.Now Im ok.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Hahaha I love this guy. Tell it to em like it is Pepboy! lmao, he's right man, you're a ***, don't buy cheap tires ***


Yeah FIrestone tires SUCK. Live and learn. :)


Hey *** , sounds like your gripe is with the tire manufacturer not pepboys...you can get the same type of tires at just about all tire places , you probably bought the *** tires in stock you cheap *** then you go and complain about it 3 years later , I bet you havent changed your oil in 6000 miles and your air filter is just as dirty as your asscrack

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