Wilmington, Delaware
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i took my car to pep boys for annual inspection and was told i needed $587 worth of repairs,when i told them this was kind of a high price they went down to $361 to pass inspection.i told them not to do the repairs and took my car to a local mechanic he stated these repairs were not necessary and nothing was wrong with my car i will never go back to pep boys again and i will be sending a complaint to the better business bureau consumer complaint division and the federal trade commission and the state of pa division of consumer affairs.

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Pep Boys is a complete joke.


Pep boys is ok to buy parts from but never have any work done on your vehicle in there garage. They won't do what they'll charge you for and you'll still pay for it.

You can complain to the B.B.B. but Pep Boys don't care, they won't reply!

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