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My ball joint on my car needed repair . I called pep boys to tow it.

They towed my car and smashed the brake line into my radiator cracking it and crushing the radiator. I call them they tell me its 2700 to repair. I call the tow guy who's the manager he says he going to look at but never shows up. I needed my repaired in a certain amount of time or it would be towed from the shop.

Pep boys headquarters call me and took my complaint but says since the car was repaired they could do nothing. i will never shop or use them again.

Ohhh I'm still car-less cause I don't have 2700 to get my car fixed.. Thanks Pep Boys

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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I'm not quite certain how one can smash a brake line into a radiator and ruin a reasonable. That makes no sense at all....


Go to SEARS 8) 8) 8)


I too had problems with Pep Boys over the years,not always reliable,hard to contact CU when an issue arises,AND, very slow to respond (if they respond at all). It does depend on what store and Mgr. you are dealing with as well.

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