El Paso, Texas

I went to the full service center Pep Boys in El Paso, TX on Dyer St. I scheduled an appointment for the next day at 9 am the clerk told me how about 9:30 am just incase, figured between the decent service at the time I'd get a good service, well come 9:30 am there was a line that took half hour to get through (3 people) then one and half hours later my vehicle sat in the same place I parked it when I pulled in.

Other people came in without appointments and were seen before me, so that point I decided to leave, never mind the fact they couldn't even find my paperwork or keys, I'd guess I saved myself future trouble because they would have not even been able to do any mechanical work just raised the car lower it and tell me I was good. Needless to say if anyone plans to get work done there DON'T, you'll end up with wasted time and a good chance your stuff will not even get fixed

Monetary Loss: $70.

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