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This is an update two years later and a response to some of the feedback given below this post:


1) Read my post and understand it- 12K later the trans was leaking. Maybe it had been for a while, makes no difference. Brought it back. Why was it leaking? Was told bolts were loose. Whose fault? Had to be Pep Boys, no other way around it. Bolts do not loosen on their own. Who was charged for it? Me. Did I need another fluid change and filter (point of the post)? No. Just tighten the bolts and don't charge me. But wait….

2) I had the trans fluid changed again 50K miles later (last year). I had since stopped going to Pep Boys and was having the work done elsewhere. One or more bolts were stripped and had to be re-done (tap/dye). I am the only owner of the car, and Pep Boys had been the only one in my transmission. So now it is clear that Pep Boys stripped the bolt(s), causing it to leak. And they didn't even tell me.

TO STEVE- I think you are right about "unknown's" comment. People who are "nuts and bolts" types, are often lacking in people skills. Well known, except for in the human relations dept. at Pep Boys, I guess.

CONCLUSION- These are just ordinary people, "mechanics", who screw up. But apparently, mistakes are not permitted at Pep Boys and the customer pays the price ("corporate greed"). A good company would say, "Sorry, we screwed up. We fixed everything and the service is on us". Again, who paid for all this? Me.

Now see original complaint:

Original review posted by user Mar 23, 2011

In all fairness, it's not just Pep Boys, it's corporate greed combined with incompetence. Happens a lot in many places. But you have to take your car somewhere. They see you comming and evaluate your niavetivity. Then they hit you with incompetence. I think it is important from the start to ask questions. They really hate that.

In any event, had my auto trans fluid changed at Pep Boys, Andorra PA. 12K miles later, it was leaking. I brought it in, the same guy said the trans was leaking from two places, the bottom and side gaskets. Charged me $130 to tighten some bolts and analyze the situation. Later, looked at the reciept to see again I was charged for trans fluid & filter change. It has not leaked since. In retrospect, just tightening the bolts would have worked, it didn't need another change & filter. If it did, then it was the fault of Pep Boys for not tightening the bolts correctly on the first go around. And watch out for the extra "protectant" they through in for $16. But they have this big manager "tough guy", who interrupts and tells you you are wrong because listening to you is too much of a hassle.

Midas too, eventually plained my heads ($800) looking for a cause of my engine overheating. Turned out to be a bad water pump.

This time I'll go into Pep Boys and inform them of the problem, but tell them I am not authorizing a witch hunt. I only want what is needed to make the car run properly and that does not include a new engine one piece at a time.

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PeP Boys IS Dishonest And They lie on top of this fact.I carried my vehicle into PeP Boys for an oil change.These unprofessional *** fool's tried to run a *** game on me probably because i am a women,They told me if i changed my oil my MOTOR would lock up and I would not be able to drive my vehicle.Well this was a lie because I carried my vehicle to the dealership and They changed my oil with know problem result's of my Motor Locking Up.PeP Boys tried to run a scam on me to get more money out of me but i caught the scam before i spent any money with them.As a result of their dishonesty And Lying i have never sit foot in PeP Boys again.Do not use PeP Boys they will lie to your face and Try to get you to spent more money on something that is not correct.Their was nothing wrong with my vehicle,I just needed an oil change.Stay Away From PEP BOYS.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #643235

I love how u say 12000 miles later u got a leak and its there fault that's a year later if they left something loose it would have leaked much sooner ur just being a *** I hate people like u I'm a mechanic and I buy parts from this store and they do good work

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