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Four year ago, I bought four Hankook Mileage Plus Tires which is claimed to cover 80,000 miles. When I was ordering these tires the service man showed me the size tire that is suppose to go on my truck. The computer said 205/70r14. I said but the tires your taking off are 205/75r14. He said, that this is what our system said will work on your vehicle. So, I bought what he had to say and let them install the tires and went on my way.

Later on, I realized after doing some research that the correct tire size to put on my vehicle were 205/75r14. What does this mean? It means that my vehicle was now getting less mpg and more odometer mileage because the tires are smaller they turn more often, this also means more friction and heat; I believe this contributed to the excessive wear or my tires. I did go back to talk to Pep Boys about it and all they did what come out with their tire gauge, measure the tires, then after they calculated the prorated wear said that the amount of compensation is nominal and that I'd be better off buying their "buy three tires get one free". Unfortunately, I can't prove that Pep Boys is to blame for the excessive wear on my tires but I hope this article reaches enough people to make a financial impression.

Now understand there are many reasons why tires wear out faster then normal: road conditions, misalignment, low tire pressure, not rotating the tires and worn out shocks. I have gotten approximately 40 to 45 thousand miles on my tires. I think I have another 5 thousand left if I am lucky and that's it. I have rotated them, made sure that they had air in them every week or several weeks, I drove very conservatively and mostly on the freeway. Now, I am looking for new tires already and it has only been four years and in that time I have traveled around 40 to 45 thousand miles. I am very disappointed in these tires and Pep Boys. You know I could have been saving money on gas if I had the right size tires on.

I really think Pep Boys better check the automotive manuals and owners should stick to what they know actually goes on the vehicle. So, if someone tries to sell you a smaller tire, don't buy it, your better off buying the correct size so you get the best mileage and mpg out of them.

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Did you know that the tires are typically only good for 4-5 years? After that, they buying an 80,000 mile tire does you no good if you are not going to put those miles on in a timely manner before the tires themselves are junk.

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