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I regularly do oil changes and small maimtenance work at Pep Boys

But now I have to STOP ..stop going to them for ever.

Over few years ..noticing that they want to shoo you away.

Taking one pretext after another .. They would just ask for dragging for how long it will take..

Had a a very bad experience with guy named Joel .. He just avoided taking the car in at 11:00 am.. Though the shop close around 9:00

Another guy named Giovanny .. Talk to him and he will make sure that he is doing a favor to customer

Vey bad experience with these guys recenttly

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I have had nothing but good experience with Giovanny for years. More people are going to them.

They do a good job on my regular stuff but I go to dealer for very complicated things.

You need to make appointment or drop off. Just a suggestion.

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