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I've returned to pep boys over four times to replace a NEW! faulty battery and every time they exchanged it.

This last time I told them I've lost my receipt, and so they checked their computers for the purchase, they now had no info on my battery no re my customer purchases. I gave them my key chain customer card and no purchases were found.

I payed over $100.00 for the battery and it's junk. We should send an email to DATE LINE so they can run a sting and expose those crooks for what they are.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #734694

I took my car to Pep boys to a power steering leak fixed.. They told me it was the gear box on the power steering.

They quoted me a price of 1765.oo to replaceit. 900 of that was the part..wich they said was the cheapest they couldfind., m I goton the computer and in less then 5 min I had located severl with an averge price of 300. I called the :( manage and he start mumbling and said let me call you back.. He asked for the name ofthesupplier.

2 minb later he called back aned said that he had one for 400. I toldhim Iwould pay the additional 100 if and only if they would get my car outby the following day. He then called the next day and said they had deli8vered the wrong part. It has been 5 days now and the car is still not out to befair one of those days was a sunday.

The remainder of the bill is Labor.

I looked up laborto change the gear box it was 2hours and thirty min average.

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