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I just received a call from my local pepboys that my 4 month old tire cannot be repaired due to a damage to my Rims. It seems to me that your locations inability to provide me with preventative solutions led me to damage my car and now your facility can't even fix it.

This email very similar to one I wrote when I brought my car to pep boys for an oil change and all of a sudden my check engine light turned on, and was advised that they can't fix it so I had to go and pay for it to be rectified by my manufacturer, will most likely be left unanswered.

I would like to provide you with a rundown of events:

*October : purchased 4 new tires

*Picked up my car, started it drove out of the parking lot TPMS light turned on

*Next Day brought it back to get my TPMS indicator looked at

*Picked up the car drove it around the block light turned on

*Next day before I returned to your facility all of my tires were flat

 Managed to put air in my tires

 Drove back to Pepboys

 Advised them of the situation 

 Picked up my car

 Started it

 TPMS light on

Since I don't have the luxury to stay home and no make a living, I had to drive the car to get to and from work. With my TPMS light on which from my understanding is an indicators used to warn the driver of low tire pressure is now just a decorative light on my dashboard .

A week later I had a relative bring my car since unfortunately I have to work. This time around just to get my TPMS indicator checked out. 

My father waits and was informed that my tires just needs to adjust and balance each other the light will turn off. 

A week later returned to your facility and stated hey light still on...oh it's the change of temperature it will normalize. 

At this point I HAVE GIVEN UP.

In January my newly installed wipers purchased from your locations fell off. I went back to buy new wipers, why? Because I'm a glutton for punishment and my light was still on.

I was advised at that point my tire that is now flat with a damaged rim, was low and that was the reason why my TPMS light was on!

So basically it took 4 months for someone from your organization to tell me it was actually low and that's the reason why he light was on.

I was advised the light will turn off now. 

The light is still on. 

So suffice it to say, I invested time and money to ruin my car because your facility can't figure out how to install tires for my car correctly. 

And the cherry on top: Hey it's XXX from pepboys in roselle ( NJ ). We can't fix your tires because your rim is damaged that May have caused a leak in your tire that caused your light to turn on and you to have a flat. 

So reasons why my TPMS lights turned on after getting tires from PEPBOYS 

1. Just needs to balance

2. Weather 

3. Just needs to balance 

4. My tire was low

5. Damaged Rim that caused a leak 

No if my rims were damaged shouldn't I have been informed of this right away?


Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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This is a bogus complaint, as it failes on many levels, one in particular.

Under the heading "Rundown of events", it is claimed:

"*Next day before I returned to your facility all of my tires were flat

Managed to put air in my tires

Drove back to Pepboys"

All FOUR tires flat??? And you didn't make this the main subject of this complaint, but rather included it as a side issue to some minor (maybe) alert lights glowing in the instrument cluster?

Sorry, I'm not buying this story. Good luck and Happy Valentines Day.

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