San Antonio, Texas
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The Pep Boys in San Antonio, Texas on Walzam Blvd are the WORST!! Not only will you wait for hours...they will also try to charge you for work you haven't had done.

I recently had the worst experience with them and WILL NEVER go to Pep Boys again. They were so rude to me they almost made me cry, not only that they expected me to pay the full bill for my car when it was still running exactly the same as when I brought it to them. They actually tried to charge me for a diagnostic test (89.99) and while on the phone complaining about it, the guy actually said to someone else...I never did this test on that car so does she still have to pay for it? Are you kidding me?

You're outright admitting you didn't do the work and still expecting me to pay for it?

BEWARE OF PEP BOYS ON WALZAM BLVD in San Antonio unless you want to get ripped off and treated horribly.

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Do people go to you job and get free services? Technicians get paid for diagnosing you expect them to tell you what's wrong for free? hah :grin :cry :cry :cry


Unfortunately, they are all the worst. In Philadelphia they actually had undercover cameras take cars in for repair that Pep Boys said they did. Ended up the parts were marked in the car with some type of dye and they could tell only 1 of the 4 parts that they said they replaced actually was replaced.

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