Inman, South Carolina
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The most sorry company in customer service i have ever seen.They laugh and make fun of customers that come into there stores. Yes by 4 tire and get one free is a big rip off after the rebate you have to buy road hazzard mounting and balancing valve stems all over priced and you dont get your rebate unless your lucky. oil prices so much higher than advance autozone ans most of the items in stores are way overpriced.The store in Greenville sc is a pig pen and the pep express department makes fyun of all there commercial accounts and sends out higher prices on parts, hour rate in shop is the same as dealer prices why would you pay them when they dont have the knowledge ofa dealer

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Sounds to me like a unhappy ex employee that is just trying to make a bad name for the company for letting him go. :cry


How much do you get paid for your services? Why is it when people have a problem with a store they want to blame the employees?

The employees do NOT set the prices or labor rates. That would be Mike O'Dell CEO! Email him about pricing and how the stores look!

Buy thing for the value at hand and stop shopping for cheap or gimmicks or come-ons!If money is tight shop shop shop look at everything that is on the table. When you attacking what is at hand it show that you are poorly educated

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