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i tried to make an exchange of product but had no receipt. the manager said, no receipt, no exchnage. cant do anything.

i drove all the way home and back to the store and got the receipt. when i went back to the store, i saw on all the counters which had the return policy "no receipt, no problem".

the manager said you cant do returns, you only get a 30 day store credit???? you cant make this stuff up.

so i drove all the way home for nothing...

apparently the manager didnt even know the company return policy even if its plastered all over the counter.

and they think they are smart enough to fix my car???????????

Monetary Loss: $30.

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didn't say when purchase was originally made. pep boys has a return policy but there is a limit.

for example if you bought item 2 yrs ago and try to return it, all your gonna get is store credit. if thats the case here or similar, the manager did exactly as he was trained to do.

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