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Here are four companies: Pep Boys, T-mobile and TCF bank who I could describe by one word - bandits. But the first one is Pep Boys.It is not only my opinion.

Many of my friends say the same, many of you who will read and write, I suppose, agree with me. My opinion is based on my business with them. It includes not only their low professional level, but their human being attitude to us, customers. They lie too much!

I would like to know the criteria how they hire employees. Probably, it is a politics of these companies.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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They are right. I had the same problem my air was low in my tires and the pet a new tire on did not ask me which tire I wanted or that my new tire was bad they changed it and charged me sevnty dollars.

they could not even look me in the eye . The person who wrote that statement is a nut case and more than likely works for one of these companies.


Joe Smith, you are right that I and hundreds of others who wrote about Pep Boys. TCF and T_mobile can not get along with this three companies.

Read their reviews. Sincerely, yours


Sounds like the problem is you if you can't get along with ANY of these companies. :eek :zzz :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x


that's only 3...

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