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I took my 2009 Saturn Vue to Pep Boys in Bridgeville Pa. to have my heater core replaced.

They quoted me a price of $1460.00!!!! My fiance was with me and questioned the manager on the cost and procedures that did not need to be done. Response was quite rude and demeaning, so we went to a dealership that did the whole job for $688.00! Pep Boy had quoted a $100 an hour labor cost, also $35 misc.cost for garage supplies,please think twice before you ever go there!!!!

I don't get how a company can advertise that they do everything for less and try to pull a stunt like this. Shame on them!

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A heater core replacement in many vehicles is an extremely labor-intensive job, so I'm not surprised to see a quote north of a thousand dollars. Doesn't seem justified though if the dealership was able to do it for that much less.

$100/hr labor is not out of the ordinary...that's the current labor rate of several dealerships in my area. Shop supply charges can cover any number of things used in the repair, from damaged bolts that required replacement, to new hose clamps, body panel clips, etc. If they did not specify engine coolant/antifreeze elsewhere on the repair order, then that charge would also include antifreeze. There are very, very few shops out there that *don't* charge a shop fee or whatever else it may be called.

The price discrepancy between the dealer and Pep Boys was likely the result of one business looking up the book-labor, while the other was just an estimate off the top of the technician's head. Hope this is informative.

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