Newark, New Jersey
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My car kept losing power and dangerously breaking down on busy highways following feeble attempts by Pep Boys to fix it. Eventually they sent me to the dealer, but I put out several hundred dollars at this point.

And don't rely on their towing service. When I called once following a post-repair breakdown, they said they were closing, and left me stranded on my own.

The credit card company also did not back up their service. You are out of luck with Pep Boys. I ended up paying thousands.

Women especially, this is not the place for us.

Monetary Loss: $208.

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I went to pep boys for a simple oil change. I waited 20 mins to be seen to set up the service while 2 employees ignored me and the following customer.

They then tried to charge me over $60.

I left very upset and went to tires plus where I received better customer service and was only charged $32. I will never return to any pep boys again!!!


You do realize that just because it's an "express service" doesn't mean that your actual waiting time will be expediated, right? The "express" part refers to the time the vehicle will be in the shop, not the time you spend waiting. There also could have been tickets for other cars ahead of yours if people set up appointments and such.


Pep Boys is useless. My husband and I spent an entire day waiting for a battery test.

A battery test!!!! Seriously folks, they call this an express service. After wasting an entire day, I called O'Reilly's. They told me to bring our truck over.

In less than ten minutes we were on our way and with advice regarding what to do.

I will never step foot in Pep Boys again. We usually shop O'Reilly's but had purchased the battery at PepBoys because of the location where the truck broke down.

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