My college-age sons took their car to PepBoys to have the drivers window fixed(it wouldn't roll up) It was fixed promptly but a week later, all 4 windows would not work. When they brought the car back, they were accused of breaking all of the windows.

They said that to fix all of the windows it would cost another $800.

They refused to honor their original work guarantee and would not give a refund. My boys were obviously taken for fools and were told that their tires needed replacing too(all new as of 4 months) I will never go near that place again......

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most cust are absolutely retarded when it comes to their vehicles, half the time we see cars brought in for 1 problem they have 10 other safety issues and problems! noone takes care of their cars so when we try to sell you *** *** you instantly think we are trying to rip u off, we r simply telling u whats wrong with ur cars take better care of them and stop nickle and dimin us to death.

And in some cases yes there are retards as mechanics out there that will "shake the magic 8ball" to diagnose ur vehicle- a lot of the times though...

u must start with the most obvious problem and go from there, there is no quick easy fix to repairing vehicles lay off our backs on wait times and take care of ur pieces of ***- i dont like fixing P>O>S's as much as u dont like paying for repairs, dont insult us ur the ones to blame for making ur cars pieces of *** to begin with. words of advise: NEVER *** WITH PEOPLE MAKING UR FOOD AND NEVER WITH PEOPLE FIXING UR VEHICLES- those my friends r words to live by,,, trust me !


cars have mindow "motors" , "regulators", and "silinoids". if your window motor failed on the driver's side due to a faulty regulator or weak silonoid it needs to be replaiced.

if the faulty regulator or weak solinoid "fails" after this replacement "it" must also be replaced.

you wont know until you initiate the process. this is why you always follow the process of ilimination in hopes of reducing expense, although we all know that electrical parts are unpredictable.


your sons are *** sucking *** who broke their windows go f yourself!

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