My car was overheating so my husband brought it to Pep Boys. It took 3 seperate visits, replaced water pump, a tune up and over $800.00 to get the vehicle fixed.

Now not even a month later the vehicle started to overheat again. Now supposedly it blew a head gasket to the tune of @ $1500.00. This is crazy. It seems they should have picked up on the weak head gasket when they did the tune up.

I wish I could prove it was their fault. If I didn't have the warrenty on water pump and all I would not have taken back there.

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so... you really think that you would have been able to drive your vehicle for a month with a blown head gasket?

ask ANY repair shop and you will get the same answer, which is NO!

BUT, you must be partial in your questioning.

do not explain your complaint before you ask another repair shop. no matter where you go, every shop is competing for your business, and in turn WILL talk bad about what ever shop you go to!

allow the shop(s) you ask this problem to answer the question as a general question.

you will soon understand (hopefully) that in fact, there is absolutely NO way to see into the future with ANYTHING!

so you had some work done, so it was overheating, and so it is overheating again, do you really believe pepboys, good year, big-o, firestone, local repair shop, next door neighbor, best friend, husband, brother or whomever can see a month into the future and know you was going to have this blown head gasket?

for real?

common sense people, thats all im saying, please try and understand, common sense


I do not understand why anyone would take a vehicle to PepBoys for repairs. They are a parts store.

If their "techs" were any good, they would not be working in that place. They would be in a real repair garage.


what u waiting for!?! get a lawyer!

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