West Palm Beach, Florida

I was told a repair would between $170-200.After the work was donen I was told it would be $481.There was no reply at HQ and I had to dispute the bil through my credit card company.The Manager at the store hung up on me and there was no one in the HQ in Penns. ever.

Last time I will go to Pep Boys.I have difficulty believing that there isnt a corporate office to discuss issues and there is no one above the person who hung up on me.When they go out of business I will know one of ther easosn they crashed.

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I took my car to Pep Boys on April 10, 2010. I have been going to them for 2 years.

I got my brakes and oil change. My car had less than 60,000 miles. My car was making some change noises a week ago. I had a mechanic who was a family friend check out car.

He noticed that my car had twice the amount of oil in engine. I took it back to Pep Boys. I took my friend (who was a mechanic) with me to talk to them. Automobile repair places often take advantage of woman.

The Assistant Manager did not even know where the oil stick was located. I am a woman and knew where it was located. He also looked at the dip stick and realize it was too much oil. Explained to me that he was going to look at the car, so we drop it off.

He called us later and explained to us that he is not responsible for the car. Instead of looking at the car, he drain the excess oil out of the car. I guess he was covering himself and his company. He also explained to me that he could not do anything for me and I had to contact Corp.

Contacted Corp for 2 weeks, I finally got a response. They stated they are unable to do anything for me. Please don't take your car to PEP BOYS...if you love your car. I suggest you take it to a dealership.

A simple oil change can lead to a damage engine. I might not get my car fix, but everyone is going to hear what I have to say..I have a YOUTUBE video about PEP BOYS....

just type in PEP Boys.. I will be making videos about them on a regular basis...


they just suck


Try to call again , I check you out and tried to call yesterday, I called 3 different times and got through in minutes, p.s. your spelling sucks.


I had a ton of trouble with them as well, you have to go to pepboys.com and go to thier contact us page, once there, call the customer service line and you should get through. I figured this out after 30 attempted calls to thier "corperate" office. Hope it helps...

Yuryuzan', Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #22347

please go back to school..and then learn how to post a complaint.

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