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Came in with a problem with my 04' Nissan Maxima. The tech placed my car on their disgnostic machine and later told me that the camshaft sensors were bad.

I agreed to pay them 391.50 for the parts, and labor and this also included a warranty. A few days later had to return because car was still doing the same thing that originally bought me in. They placed my car back on the diagnostic machine and then told me that they could not fix this new problem.

I think that pep boys is full of s*^~t and should be ashamed of how they do business. I am currently fighting to get a refund.

Monetary Loss: $391.

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First off your a *** for bringing you car to Pep Boys in the first place. You should have brought you car to a dealer where the technicians are trained in fixing your specific brand of car.

That said, there is still a problem because the cars problem was inaccurately diagnosed.

The camshaft position sensors are part of the timing and ignition system. Meaning if the sensors are bad there most likely is also a problem with either your timing, ignition or both.


They have 2 crankshaft position sensors on them. Nissan calls them a camshaft and crankshaft position sensor but they are the exact same part number.

Once they are replaced the vehicle needs to go to Nissan to have the computer flashed. The manufacturers are making vehicles this way now and if the flash doesn't get done the computer does not recognize the new parts until that's done. Instead asking for a refund, go find the technical service bulletins for that vehicle.

You will really freak out then. They are only required to notify consumers about recalls, not TSB's


The 2004 Nissan doesn't have a timing belt ***. Its a chain you bathroom mechanic.

Go back to the Barney site you jizzmopper


I wonder what the new problem was. Any diagnostic code to work with?

Sometimes if the timing components loosen or wear they may trip cam sensor codes.

I wonder also if a timing belt has been previously replaced. a little more info and/or repair history may help.

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