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This company must have an attitude that "customers are ***". Here are some examples: They offer a $13.00 rebate. They suggested I use a high mileage oil due the fact that mt car had over 75,000 miles. This suggestion made sense so I gave the OK. They did the job, forgot to rotate the tires (this happens almost every time. They gave me the rebate coupon which I promptly mailed in. The rebate was declined because the oil was not Pennzoil. The same thing happened at another location. I called the second location and asked why the didn't use the correct product and was told that due to the low demand for the weight of the oil they don't stock it. I was told that none of the stores stock it.

I called the home office and complained. Pep Boy's responded very promptly. I heard from both locations the same day. I was given the rebates for both oil changes at the location I first went to. The next time I brought one of 3 cars that I service at Pep Boy's I again asked for the high mileage oil and explained the past problems. The service manager said that they always stock that oil. Guess what, they put in the Castrol high mileage oil. I'm not kidding. They didn't stock the oil required for the rebate. I complained, since I already charged the service on my Pep Boy's card they gave me the rebate in cash plus the sales tax which they don't give you in the rebate. If you complain they react and do the right thing. How many customers don't complain and NEVER COME BACK.

I bought 2 headlights. They charged me $15.00 each to install. That's too much. BUT WAIT! They charged me for shop materials. I complained and I got the cash back for the invisible shop materials.

The last time I had the oil changed, I said that I believe that my battery needs replacement. The car was difficult to start in the cold. They tested the (WARM BATTERY), Charged me Aprox. $6.00 and told me it was good. Of course it tested good, IT WAS WARM. After 2 days of sitting in the cold, there was not enough power to start the car. I'm Done dealing with this company. You should do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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I am experiencing the exact same problem! Pep boys are scam artists and any one using them be very carefull.

For a lousy 13.00 dollar rebate, they lost me as a customer for life. no 2nd chance here!


WTF??? You people all need to go to Joe's on 2n'd - he'll do that work for ya real cheap!

like break your *** cheap! These Techs spend on the relm of 50K on thier own tools, not to deal with *** like you. If you don't want to pay 15.00 for a headlight - then you put it in!

WOW this is why mechanics drink- dumb people will always complain and they usually don't know what they are talking about. OMG


that was me! i'm caught

no more whistling at the girls, i am going to the slammer


One more thing: The same guy who handed over the drugs also whooped and whistled at the girl walking down the street. Very professional.


Here's a good one: I saw two Pep Boys employees exchanging a prescription pill bottle secretly in the parking lot. When they saw me watching them the looks on their faces was enough to get them locked up!

Wow, I won't go there if their employees are on drugs.

It was the location on El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego.


I went to a PEP boys in Mesa AZ to get my AC repaired. Charged me to so much I am ashamed that I agreed to it.

When I went to pay I applied for their CC at the time they offered a 90 day same as cash or what ever the deal was. The woman did not know how to perform the task. After several minutes of her giving me *** I just paid with my American Express.

She stated I had credit why did I waste her time applying for their CC. What a Hillbilly, she was also missing a few teeth.


After a store manager said to me, "no one else ever complained" I called 1-800-pepboys. Within hours I received a call from both store managers.

They are good when you complain. However most people don't. When I remind them that I;m entitled to a 10% seniors discount, they usually don't give it until I remind them. I truly believe that Their policy is wait until the customer complains.

Maybe Pep Boy's is right.

After all American voters keep electing the same screwups. But that's another story, or is it!


Where did you complain to to get your money back. The location you went to or a main office?

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