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I needed a new starter for my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder. I went to Pep boys because a family member had given me a gift card. I walk in and I'm stared at like I'm not wanted here and the store is silent and empty.

I go to the back to ask for a starter and purchase it and return home. I have a mechanic(not from Pep boys) install it but only to find out its a bad starter. He also tells me that he has to charge me a second time for the labor because he didn't purchase the part himself. I understood and returned to Pep boys to get a refund.

I took it to the same desk in the back and the employee put the starter on this test machine. Now that test machine, from what I've been told by other mechanics, does not test the full load of the starter and of course it will spin if you put electricity to it that doesn't mean it won't actually work in a vehicle. So in the end the employee told us that it works fine and that we could not get a refund.

The one of the managers finally shows up and uses the tester herself. Says it works and that we wont be receiving a refund. She then continues to actually argue with me and tells me that the machine does test the full load and that the part is functioning properly. So then there is nothing left to do but leave the store and call the district manager.

He will not refund my money but does allow me to exchange the part. Now I have an extra starter, double the cost of a mechanics bill plus the part he had to order, and a mission in life to tell everyone to stay away from Pep boys because any experience I've had there is negative.

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Did you ever think that your "Mechanic" was wrong and there wasn't a *** thing wrong with the starter? Instead of poiting the finger and complaining like a whiny *** take it to another mechanic retard.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #132294

I worked for Pep boys For 6 months. This is, hands down the worst company I have EVER worked for.

The employees are the DUMBEST SONS OF ***, Especially the managers. The district manager I had the displeasure of working with was so full of himself, we would have meetings to work on sales and customer service and the only *** that would come out of his mouth was how he had been with the company for so many years. So for 4 hours we heard nothing about customers or sales just how this DIP *** succked *** on his way to his current position. According to him his family had owned a local Dairy, however he would refer to the cows milkers as "***", WHAT a DUMB ***!!!

Well any way customers be aware these are the *** you have to put up with.

I just suggest that you just NOT go to Pepboys and wait untill they turn to ***.......Oh wait thats already happened... TIll they just go away.


You said they allowed you to exchange it, so how do you have an extra starter???

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