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5000 Smithridge Dr

Reno, NV 89502

(775) 827-1912 Pep Boys Automotive Supercenters

3/11/2010 First to Review

I bought a used car and wanted to have new tires installed. went to pep boys. they installed the tires at about a cost of 350+ for 60,000 mile tires. Six months later I thought I would have my oil changed and get a tire rotation at the same time I don't drive alot). I took my car to a place closer to where I lived. While waiting for the work to be done the mechanic comes out and tells me that one of my lug nuts is stripped as well as the bolt that holds it. They told me who ever put the lug nut on last stripped it and the bolt. I thought.. the only place to last work on this car was PEP BOYS! So, I drove the car to pep boys and informed them of the problem. They said that it was not covered under their warranty. I was pissed! the other place said they would replace it for about $100. I passed on the replacement and now drive around with one lug nut missing. Pep boys sucks in my eyes due to this *** job. I will never go back their again!!! and suggest you all stay away from them too! also, they had a 4th tire free rebate which I sent in and never got my rebate another $57 ripped off from me. If pep boys reads this review and wants to do the right thing, they can email me at

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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WE just got screwed by pep boys in reno!

We had a check engine light on and pep boys say they will do a free check. They told us it was the cam shaft positioning sensor.

We got the part and asked them how much it was to change it for us. They said $70. We said OK. They called in about 2 hours and said there was a broken wire they needed to fix and it would be an additional $150 to fix the wire in addition to the $86 they were already at.

They said they already replaced the part but the wire was broken. We told them to go ahead, we needed our car back, They kept it overnight. The next day we got a call from pep boys asking if we wanted them to fix the wire or not. We said yes, we told the guy the day before.

He told us that we might not need to replace the part because the wire was broken. They would fix the wire and check to see if the original part was good. We told him that the part was changed the day before and he told us it was not changed yet. So I was wondering why we got charged the $86 for when the price to actually change the part was $70, and they didn't even do that.

They ended up changing the part out, and billed us $239 for labor + the $83 for the part. A week later the check engine light was on again and we took the car back to them and they checked it and said it was the cam shaft positioning sensor. So $322 later we have the same problem we paid them to fix, and they want to know if we want them to fix it for us again for an additional charge of $90 to get started and then they will let us know what the problem is. Never have Pep Boys do any work on your car.

They do not have a clue what they are doing. I am going to turn them in to the auto repair board and sue them in small claims court.

If you want to join in just let me know. emil me,


I wheeled my green cuda classic into Pep Boys of SLC, Utah. I had 0 oil pressure in the 440 motor.

Oh they sold me an oil pump alright but with six empty bays they were too busy to put it on. Where/ Who/ When?

I put it on out in thetre parking lot. Thanks Pep Boys is right.

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