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after a detailed diagnostics from Nissan Sheehy, I wanted to see if I could save money with an alternative opinion. lured to Pepboy's Tv ad offering free diagnostic, it was just an initial plug in to see the code for the lit service engine sign.

The so called diagnostic was limited only to the sign and was charged irrespective of subsequent service.

I had the fuel tank replaced but the feeder was not while Sheehy included new feeder and the cost estimate was below what I paid Pepboy's. The car now rides like a horse and I am going back to Sheehy

pep boy misrepresented on the TV ad and the work attitude seems crooked, do not go there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

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to follow up the horse riding experience..I took the Truck back to Sheehy and they found that the new Nissan tank was full of dirt choking the fuel tank, but not enough to stall the engine. Nissan put in a new tank and feeder pump.

I took pictures and showed PepBoy for a refund. with no success I contacted the headquarters in Phil, and step by step the complaint went through surprisingly quickly, PepBoy in Annapolis called and refunded the whole amount charged.

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