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Pep Boys service center,

121 College Square, Newark, DE 19711,

Subject: Pathetic experience of your service.

Dear Pep Boys Team,

I am sharing my pathetic experience for my recent service for Pep Boys.

Step1: My car not stated so took my car to pep boys nearest location. It was around ~11.30 AM. They ask me to wait. After ~2 hr - ~3 hr, when no one response to me, I went to reception two time to ask is anyone check my car to identify the issue. I requested them if it is taking longer time, then they can call me and tell me the issue because I have my office. They agreed.

Step2: When I did not receive any call from them till ~7 PM, I call them back and ask about my car. One of the mechanical said it is the problem of starter. Need to replace. I said, this starter has changed 3 mons back while I visited to DC. They said it burned up. Pep Boys will give life time warranty. After seeing their confidence, I said ok because I want my car start again. All cost will be ~ $550. While talking, they told me it will fix by tomorrow 11 AM next morning.

Step3: When I called them to collect my car, they told me the different story that now the primary causes is wire which need to be change. It will cost around another ~$200. I thought their diagenesis will proper this time. I said Ok this time.

Step4: When I call them again in evening, they again change the story about primary issue. Now the primary issue is PCM and they cannot fix it. I have to take my car to Dealer.

Finally I paid $789.40 and take my key without stating my car!!!!!!!

Now couple of question I would like to ask

1)If any components failed, as my understanding you should check at least IN and OUT of this component. This is basic thing when you communicate to customer about estimation. Why should I pay huge labor charges when you don’t have the basic experience?

2)If you tell me the actual cost earlier, then might have I say no because I could have gone for trading.

I would like to tell I had similar problem earlier which I faced in DC. It was done 1/3 of cost of yours and they at least able to start my car.

It was my biggest mistake that I trust and feel, that your experience is worthy even if I pay more than others.

Terrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best regards,

Shekhar Manna

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