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Went to my local pep boys to pick up some chemicals I needed. The "counterman" told me I should take the stuff I had to the cash register. I told him I had a wholesale account and wanted pricing/availability on other parts. He can't do wholesale, only retail, and went to get me someone. He came back up front, and told me that the person who could help me was busy on the phone. I said I'd wait.

After 15 minutes I left, went to my local Carquest and was out within 10 minutes.

Pffft! @ Patchogue Pep Boys.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #712204

To be honest if you had any clue what you were talking about you would know that the computer systems are COMPLETELY different and you have to have codes to adjust prices which only management carry. Do you want a parts associate with no knowledge of the area to decide what price you get when a commercial guy actually knows the updated specials and pricing?

Also given the fact that the commercial dep.

is the smallest department in the store it is expected that they have the FEWEST people. Yes all should be up to speed on how to use the updated systems to give commercial pricing however FINALIZING anything should be done by someone in the department.


@ Pepboys manager: Oh, by the way, I asked a manager there if they really wanted wholesale business. He said,"If I had more drivers, and more people, and more time to train them, maybe.

Now, no." Again, "pfft" I say to you. :p


@ Pep boys manager: I was doing a road service. How long should my customer have to wait?

Why don't you have qualified people manning your parts counter at all times. The idea that you have personnel at a parts counter that can't cater to a wholesale customer is beyond me. The lookup in the computer is the same, you just have a specific customer number that you have to type in, and the net price is different.

I have no love for Carquest either, they were the next closest store. Wholesale pricing is similar between the two stores so we're talking pennies here, and you are totally missing the point.

I won't stoop to name calling, and I avoid Walmart, too.

Des Peres, Missouri, United States #226096

I have been a manager at both Pep Boys and Carquest and the statement made by PEP BOYS MANAGER summarized the mentality of the organization causing their lack of success. Simply put, if PEP BOYS can not maintain an acceptable level of customer satisfaction in their various departments then they need to reduce the number of departments or hire more competent employees (including management).


CARQUEST will always offer unrivaled service and will match the price of a competitor. And it is not parts only.

Sure, they don't have neon stickers for vehicles, scooters or fuzzy dice for the mirror (you know, the essentials), they have everything any real wholesale customer would need. Sounds like the service levels at Pep Boys haven't changed since I stopped being a commercial customer of theirs.


Justification is no excuse for poor service. Wholesale customers have specific needs for specific jobs.

If you don't have at least 2 counter people available for wholesale customers, you are doing them and yourself a serious disservice. And you can't Walmart that away!


We do it all Parts, and Service, and so much more. If you cant accept that we have more responsibilities than a CQ,that does, parts only , than I guess you SHOULD go there and pay more.

My God this world is full of *** 15 min? I wait longer to check out at Wal Mart.

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