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My name is Mary Fell and at the Fairless Hills Pa. Pep Boys, I had work done on 97 chev. cavalier about June 2009. I had to have emergency break cable and lever replaced. The rear breaks still became stuck and Pep Boys claimed they could not repair it. I went to Reedman Chevrolet about November 4 2009 and they stated that lever was installed wrong as well as emergency break cable was damaged that pepboys installed.I have detailed receipts and I have the parts saved proving this improper work that was done on my vehicle. I was advised to contact your office via e-mail for prompt better results. I am looking for the appropriate 1oo% refund for cost of labor and parts. I hopethis can be resolved at this level. I could have been injured in an accident I was told by loosing my rear break function if they would have overheated enough from breaks freezing and stuck. Please call my son David Weiss or me at cell 267-338-7000 or home #215-945-4583 if you need copies faxed of Reedmans Chevrolet sevice diagnosis and repair of my vehicle. Mary Fell Address 41 Gooseneck Rd. Levittown, Pa. 19057 Thank you


Mary Fell

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Ms. Fell that sounds terrible.

You should contact the regional manager for Pep Boys and file a claim with your local better business bureau.

I have successfully resolved an issue with Pep Boys for a faulty repair this way.

Good luck

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