Cincinnati, Ohio

The man at the desk caught me in a bind and charged me $80 for a $60 dollar battery and then had the gall to charge me $40 to install it. I could have went up the street and saved 50 or 60 dollars or if I wasn't disabled could have taken the three nuts loose and installed it myself.

It was raining and I had no tools with me and if the weather was perfect I still couldn't have done it. All he saw was a disabeled old man and took advantage of the situation. I reported it to Pep boys and the guy called me to tell me how wrong I was.

My family has always bought tires and service from Pep Boys but no more. We are a large family.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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why did you not ask about the price being too much when they gave you the estimate????? Sounds like your fault for being *** :p :p :p


Pep Boys on 6200 Stenton Ave in Philadelphia PA charge me $104 for my battery and $99.99 to install it. A job that took less than 15mins I called and complained! Beware of these stick up boys Manny Moe and Jack are your enimies!!!


What kind of Vehicle was this?


that is wrong. I work for pep boys and battery installation is only 14.99.

That's way wrong and it's sad to see this stuff about my fellow stores. I work in one of the top 20 stores in the nation as a cashier. And I see all of the mad and sad customers all day long. I know an apology won't get your money back.

But I do feel sorry for you. Best of luck


Most Auto Supplies will include free installation with purchase of an automotive starting battery. I cannot believe that Curly, Larry and Moe charged you $40 for a 10 minute job that would be free at most other places.

Oh-Wait, yes I can believe that, it was a Pep Boys store in Mechanicsburg, PA that attempted to charge me double the aisle sticker price for some expensive solid brass battery terminals I was buying when I went to the checkout. :(

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