My car thermostat went to hot today so I took my car to Pepboys in Baltimore. They came back with a quote of over $300 to replace 2 hoses on the radiator and do a flush and fill.

I called the mechanic on it and he said only 1 hose had to be replaced and it would be $214.90 for one hose and a flush and fill. He said he could beat any local price, so then he called Mr. Tire.

They charge 99 for a flush and fill plus hoses should have been under $200. So I told him no and I will take my car somewhere else.

I felt because I am a woman, they assume they can rip me off! Never again! I want everyone to know about it!

Monetary Loss: $34.

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Coppell, Texas, United States #744445

Not all shops are dishonest toward women i have been an ase master tech for many years and the shop i work at,, well we depend on the ladies we treat them with respect show them whats wrong we allow them to us our phone to compare our prices (we do this for all) but with the ladies we understand that you do not trust us so if we can reassure you that we are honest up front then you will continue to come back. As far as pricing goes there is over head involved a good shop pays an honest tech good money to keep him and his knowledge and tools.

Also keep in mind that technicians have to buy there own tools and they are not cheap consider this if you are an office worker that uses computer programs all day and had to pay for your own equipment and software and your salary depended on it would you by the cheap dollar store stuff for pennies on the dollar or would buy software that you knew was not gonna give you problems. Also to all that say its a simple tool set and 50$ if its that easy why do you continue to pay for our services


hoses and a thermostat? honestly, a simple ratchet set and a screwdriver and you were done for about 50$. including parts.

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