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Update by user Mar 23, 2018

Edit: I spoke with the service manager and explained my issues. He was there when I had the work done and remembered the switch from one service to the other and wasn't sure why the clerk left the half charge on there.

He tried to defend the labor by saying that they use a standard time allowance, which I quickly shut down by asking for the footage from the bay cameras. When he asked why I wanted that I simply stated that with the inconsistencies from the invoice and the way the whole situation was handled by the clerk I was calling into question the entirety of the visit. If there is a standard time used then I wanted to see the footage because the tech either didn't do part of the work or cut corners to do it in the time he had.

I told the service manager that I would be willing to not pursue that line if I got the refund I thought I deserved. He said he would have to talk with his boss and got back to me within 2 hours to start the refund process.

Update by user Mar 23, 2018

Was told that I would be receiving a charge back to my credit card in the amount of $376. Refund should take a few days to come in.

Original review posted by user Mar 23, 2018

I went into a local Pep Boys in PA to get a tune up for an upcoming road trip.

The clerk was nice and helpful walking me through the steps and showing me screens from his search for my cars info. Tells me that the plugs are $14.47 a piece (X4= 57.88) and the labor is $88. Total looking at about $150 with tax and everything. He suggests that I do the fuel clean for another $90 to help with gas mileage and performance. I mention to him that it has been idling rough at times. With that service added it brought the total to about $250. The time is now 11:42 am.

About 5 minutes into my wait the clerk comes back to me and says that when the tech went to change the plugs he noticed oil in the cylinders. He suggested that they do a gasket replacement ($300), and said it could also explain the rough idle. I give the ok for the gasket change, but cancel the fuel cleaning package.

1:22 pm. 1 hr and 40 minutes since I dropped my car off I am called to cash out. Again clerk as nice as can be telling me that everything is great and my car is all set. He rings everything up and the price pops up on the little screen.


He's holding the receipt and taking his time stapling it to a paper, explaining that the total is different from the estimate because of "reasons." I don't have time to look at it in depth because I had an appointment across town.

When I get home I sit down and take a look to see why it was so expensive. If I was getting 2 services for $250 and got rid of the one for $90 it should have brought my total down to $150 again (taxes). Adding the gasket replacement should have brought it only to $450 (I'll even give an extra $10 to 460 for taxes). So where does the extra $150 come from?

Well, lets break it down into parts, labor and other since that's how they do it.


4 spark plugs @ 14.47 ea. This is a 42% markup on the same plug you can buy in the store, also the same place they get theirs.

1 valve gasket set @ 43.66. This is a 108% markup on the same set you can buy in the store, also the same place they get theirs too!

Labor: It says on the invoice that the tech gets an hourly rate of $110/hr. I was charged $337.49 in labor (which is over 3 hours worth) and my vehicle was dropped off at 11:42am and paid for by 1:22pm. That is 1 hr and 40 min for them to get my car back into the bay, do the work, have the car back out front and me to pay. 1 hr and 40 min.

The tune up has a labor value listed at $88, which equals 48 minutes.

The valve change has a total labor value of $216.99 for what is listed as an hour and a half job.

They even included $32.50 for the labor done on a service they weren't supposed to do.

(Side note: They have listed on my invoice that a Complimentary Vehicle Inspection was done as well. Awesome, right? Well, not really. Think about it. Tune up should be 48 minutes, and the valve change 90 minutes. Already between those 2 we are looking at 2 hr 18 min and again they only had my car for 1 hr 40 min. And we haven't even included the time that was needed to do the fuel clean I canceled. When did they ever have time for an inspection?)


Limited Extended Warranty $43.01, I never authorized this. In fact, page 2 of my invoice has a section related to the PepGuard warranty where it says I declined it.

Shop fee $35, nothing else noted here, just shop fee.

Here's where things get fun. Remember that fuel clean service I told them I no longer wanted? Yeah they still had it on the invoice, but it was reduced to be half of what it should have been. Why am I being charged $44.99 for a service I didn't receive?

They also told me that an oil change was necessary (it isn't) when changing the valve and charged me a total of $55 for an oil change they normally charge $39.99 (advertised at 24.99 with coupon) for. There was also a mystery $35 charge for labor that I found under an engine flush which I was assured was not needed either.

All told Pep Boys either overcharged me or ripped me off to the tune of an extra $366.18. I called the store as soon as I looked at my bill and saw what they are trying to get away with. I was able to speak with the retail manager, but she wasn't able to help with the service aspect. I am going to call in the morning unless the service manager calls me first.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Car Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $366.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I understand your frustration. Yes I do work for Pep Boys and let me try and explain how flat rate works.

If you already understand this process maybe it will help others understand.Almost every shop has a "book time" which is standardized by Mitchell or Identafix. (Midas, Meineke, etc. all use this)Although it may seem like a rip-off, this is how good Technicians make money.Let's say a tune up calls for 1 hour of labor time and the tech can do this in 20 minutes. He still gets paid for the full hour and unfortunately the customer still pays for that full hour.

A good Technician can flag 15 to 20 hours in a day. My biggest day ever I flagged 28 hours. I average 12 hours in a 7 hour day. I do make mistakes sometimes and I own up to them and will make them right.

All shops with flat rate Technicians work like this. Are they honest about everything? That I cannot answer. But I know my shop always strives to be.

Sometimes things fall through the cracks. I am sorry that all these people here have issues with Pep Boys. There are many, many good ones out there. Apparently there are many, many bad ones out there too.

It honestly makes me sad to read these horrible reviews. Our shop takes pride in serving the customer with honesty and integrity, explaining the process and bringing them out to their vehicle to show them what is going on, not selling what they don't need and remembering that YOU are the customer and YOU are the reason why my children eat and have a roof over their heads.For that I am grateful to the customers I serve


We call them the jip boys in our area. Good luck and follow through make sure you get the refund!!!

to Mechanic #1452763

I went by yesterday to pick up a copy of the invoice/receipt showing my refund. I'll have it now just in case something goes wrong.

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