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On 08/19/2013, I had my car towed at Pep boys. They said I needed " timing belt and water pump and head gasket" I got this diagnosis made on Thursday.

At that point, I had already rented a car. So I called the dealer to check how much the job will take. The dealer said $2200-3400 tops. Pep Boys said $4500!

They won't come below the dealers price and now, they want me to not pick up my car unless I paid for their "services" What I know I owe them is the diagnostic fees. I never asked them to fix the car, but to diagnose it. Then I let them know that I had the timing belt, water pump done in Oct. 2010 and still have the receipt and the cars has less than 30,000 miles since then..

So how do I know what they are saying is correct and I never asked them to fix the car! I need my car back so I can take it to the dealer.

Now it can't even move. I have lost wages taking time off from work to deal with this

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #714006

I thought Pep Boys matches any other prices plus 5%? Isn't that what they advertise?

They tried to get me to buy tires from them. They quoted me $200 MORE than the dealership....and I got a rim and four tires at the dealership. Oh....that's $200 more and they had their big summer tire sale going "Buy three and get one free". that was BS.

They told me if I brought in a written estimate from the dealership that they'd match the dealership's price plus 5%.

I have been so disappointed in Pep Boys that I didn't care about their offer. Also, after they've worked on my front end wheel bearings and stuts...I find my spare tire and jack is missing.

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