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I took my vehicle in to Pep Boys to have a service. Brakes possibly, oil change, new spark plugs.

As the car was on the lift I had a Question for the Mechanic about fluid leaking from a spot at the rear of the car. He said it was the differential & it needed a gasket. The Mechanic said it takes about 2 hours. I go back inside the lady at the counter says the part is $35 and it will take 6 hours and Labor is $701.

I said the Mechanic just told me two hours. She said you need rotors & we don’t have them in stock. You need tires the ones you have on the car that you bought here are discontinued. You will need to take that up with The Manufacturer not us.

I left & decided to check other shops. Mazda said the Part was $17 but they recommended replacing both seals & to replace both seals it would be $500. I called another shop Ray Road Auto which said $321 for parts Both Seals changed and labor. So Pep Boys offers a 10% military discount but Over charges what the Dealer would Charge by $200.

And that was only replacing One Seal. When I questioned the lady she went in the back talked to the Mechanic and came back saying it’s 6 hours $701. To change. They printed me an estimate that reads this.

I was in Disbelief when I called Mazda and the Dealer price was 201 dollars less & the part was 1/2 the price that Pep Boys tried to charge me. Buyers beware!!! I would get a second opinion before you let them fix your car. Had I not got a second & third estimate I would of Never known Both should be replaced together.

I also would of paid way too much for a service! They are Not Honest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Car Repair Estimate.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Pep boys is a shady company.

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