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(Collegeville, Pa) - I took my car to Pepboys in a panic because my car was making a very loud noise. I dropped my car off Sunday morning and told them I would need it back before Tuesday morning for school.

I was told I would hear from them first thing Monday morning if not sooner. I did not get a call until noon on Monday. After being put on hold three separate times by Brandon, I finally talked to someone named Chris who explained that the car needed rear brakes. I was also told that it "could" need a spindle and that could be the noise I heard.

I was told that the brakes needed to be done and then after a road test they could tell if it was the spindle or not. The spindle would be ordered anyway and would cost me $240. Everything with labor on the spindle, rear brakes, and wipers (which were changed 2 months ago during inspection AT Pepboys, and were not part of my main issue!) would have cost me $800!!!! I was told I would not have my car finished until Tuesday night, even though I said I needed it before Tuesday morning.

I got my car back and said that's too much money that I don't have. I took it to the dealer and was told it shouldn't have even been driven! Not only do I need brakes and a spindle but my entire wheel could have flown off of the car! The entire assembly was being held on by 2 small nuts, not lug nuts.

The bearings and seals were completely worn to the point that everything was falling apart. So yes, they were right about the brakes, they were worn, and yes it definitely needed a spindle. But that's not what caused it and if I had pepboys replace them I would have way over paid and my car still would be unsafe to drive. The dealer said that I should have had Pepboys make me sign a waiver saying if I wanted the car, I could take it with no liability towards Pepboys, it was that unsafe.

I have a list of parts from the dealer that hasn't even reached HALF of Pepboys total of $800. Never again will I even call for parts from this place, I am taking their number out of my phone. Although nothing major happened, I could have lost my life because of their lack of experience. Everyone in that store is no older than I am.

I would rather go back to the dealer and know I'm safe then to let any hands from that building touch my car again. Not only did my car pass inspection 2 months ago and none of these issues were brought to my attention, but I was almost charged double for half the work needed!!!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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