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There is a serious problem with the Pep Boys in Orland Park, IL. I brought my car in on 3-24-12 to have front end work done because noises when I hit a bump.

They said they will charge $19.99 to inspect the front end and I asked if that amount would be applied to the bill if I have the repair work done. I was told no. They told me what was wrong I gave the OK to have repairs done. I had the control arms repaired.

When it was done, I paid the bill and the cashier said the noise would be 95% gone. On the way home, the front-end noise was still there just as always as if nothing was done. I went on the internet on the Pep Boys site and while checking some info I saw that the inspection fee should be free when the work I done. I called the store and complained that the noise was still there and that I should not have been charged for the inspection fee and I was told they could look at that when I bring my car in again for the front-end noise.

I had decided I was going to bring my car to Pep Boys anymore because I don't trust them to repair my car anymore. I called the corporate office many, many times and cannot get my $19.99 inspection fee refunded.

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