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My daughter needed a new fuel pump, relay, and filter. I looked up the parts and the prices are pretty much comparable to Pep Boys...BUT why in the world was the labor alone $500.00????

I honestly think they were just taking advantage of the fact that she was a female and that she was young. So all totaled it was 800.00.

The ONLY reason we went there was because it was a Saturday and couldn't find anyone else close who could get the job done today. Will honestly never go there again if I can help it.

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Something has changed with pep boys. I have had work done there before, granted way expensive but the job was done right.

Another shop may have been a little less. But this time, I had to bring my car back 3 times to get my air conditioner working.Each time there was something else to charge more on.Cost totaling $1569.59. Shop fees for 3 visits $78 They stuck 39 dollar extended warranty on all, without me knowing. Got my money back for that.

My radiator fan was replaced since 1 of the 2 fans did not kick on, causing overheating while sitting too long with air conditioner on. Took it back again. Car sat the entire weekeknd without being moved. So much for warranty work.

Took it back today at 8am. It's 1pm and haven't heard a thing.Just called and was put on hold for over 10 minutes.Typing this while on hold. So much for pep boys.

refugee rd. Cols, Ohio location

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