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Wow what can I say about the incompetence of Pep Boys in Egg Harbor Township in NJ. Based on So many other reviews I don't understand how they are able to stay in Business. I took my car to Pep Boys to check out an Idle control issue i started having. They called me back and said it will be $90 for the inspection and that they looked at it for 30 mins and think that it was a problem with my Electronic control module. Well I caught them in a lie and I immediately refused to pay for the service because not only was my ECM perfectly fine but I left my Idle Control Valve unplugged cause that was what was giving me problems. So any dumbest mechanic would say hey your Idle control valve is disconnected and that's why you have idle control issues. So all that means that they didn't even look at the car and LIED to make an extra hundred bucks. When I confronted the Manager his version was that he saw all the loose wires from my Idle control and told his mechanic not to work on my car because they don't do electric work and that i don't have to pay. NO *** I DON"T HAVE TO PAY!! you didn't do anything to get paid for unless we pay for lies. but thats just the start....Talk about a bad day......

As I'm leaving pep boys to get my car from their lot where they parked it I notice the front of my car smashed in and Bunch of mechanics are standing in front of it. I'm like What The *** happened. One of the mechanics told me that he forgot to bleed the breaks on a van he was working on and when he tried to back up out of the garage the van wouldn't stop and crashed into my car. WTF right? If I was a minute sooner that could have been mine or your child behind that van. They had the nerve to tell me that I should have picked up the car the day before when they told me it was finished. WHAT???!! LOL. Well if you guys have my car maybe i can't get to it that day. So if anyone can't pick up their car pep boys will damage it I guess.

Well anyway I cannot drive the car because the fender is pushed into my tire. I cannot rent a car because I'm living day by day and I don't have enough money to do so so I have to spend $40 a day to take a cab to work and back. And Can't even go to store to get groceries for my two year old. Pep Boys REFUSES to help out in anyway in car rental and their claim department is giving me the runaround on the $2,300 damage they caused.

What a Sorry Excuse of a Business Pep Boys are. If there is another mechanic near you I would recommend you go with them instead of Pep Boys and if all that's available just junk your car cause that is what they will do to it anyway. I'm stressed out of my mind. Don't have time to take my son and go to work on time have to call out of work which i can't afford cause I get points for being late. Never Will they get my business again but a lot of my friends said they will never go there either. sorry for the long rant But PISSED DOES NOT EXPLAIN HOW I FEEL!!

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this is to mike, do you work for that pep boys? did you crash the car?

seem you arent seeing the rub here, they crashed into a parked car, the tech admitted he didnt bleed the brakes, so pep boys is responsible for that techs poor judgement and incompetence. if the car was left outside at night as per company policy and was burglarized that would be a different story.

thats like being told by a driver that just hit your car "if you would have stayed home i wouldnt have hit you". thats ridiculous.


You realize that your story is full of holes, right? You stated that you had an idle control problem and that you specifically disconnected the IAC.

You obviously didn't tell them that from the get go. They scanned the system and probably got an assortment of codes that would lead a mechanic to believe a bigger problem is the case. An ECM ISN'T an electronic control module. It's an engine control module.

So is that what you are referring to? You said it yourself that any dumb mechanic could point out the disconnected IAC. Well what *** told you to a.) Disconnect it and b.) Drive around with it disconnected? As far as the lot damage, there are signs stating the business is not responsible for lot damage and in some cases, you are acknowledging that risk when you sign the work order.

You also said that you had work finished and left the car overnight. If you didn't do anything more than a diagnostic check, what prevented you from picking the car up? Most Pep Boys are open until 9 or later with no gate. You say you live day-to-day, but manage to spend $40 a day for a taxi?

You don't have the money to fix your fender, but you have $200+ per week to spend on a taxi. On top of that, you or someone you know was smart enough to recognize the IAC specifically, but not smart enough to get a used or aftermarket fender to get you on your way.


Okay, go back immediately and make a police report, also note that almost all these stores have video cameras so they can see what the questionable mechanic part changers are doing, send a letter and contact the regional manager, make sure you send a certified letter to corporate so you are covered, yes they will scheme and lie if they think it will work, good luck, most of all be persistent, what they are scared of the most is to have other people see what happens , remember the truth shall set you free.... They just want to say their truth, but cameras don't lie, good luck. Don't give up

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