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Took my wife's car into pep boys in Lakeworth TX for an oil change and break job. They did OK on the breaks but the wingnut who did the oil change felt that it was not really important to tighten the oil pan nut.

I spotted the leak after my wife had taken the vehical to work. After I drove across town to her work, I was able to see a puddle of oil under her car. When I inspected the pan I noticed oil draining onto the ground. When I checked the nut (Where the leak was coming from.) I found that it was not even finger tight and was thankful to the lord above that it had not come out while she was driving!

3 1/2 quarts later, we're back on the road but we won't be going to pep boys for any further services. Store 0727 Tracking # 2099518

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #659522

It would be nice if some people checked their spelling, it lends professionalism and credibility to their comments.

It's not vehical, and it's "brakes" not "breaks"...

I think I'll take a break now before I cringe some more at the 4th-grade errors :)

I like the wingnut comment though; there are wingnuts in garages everywhere.

And as a side note, the "Lord" gives us free will and agency to do what we do; I would hardly attribute a lucky mechanical occurrence or coincidence to the "Lord" (or other deity of your choice).

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