White Plains, New York
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I brought my 2003 Kia Sedona in to Pep Boys in Port Jefferson Station, NY for an oil change and they talked me into a winterizing special since I also wanted new wipers and washer fluid added. After leaving the car all day for this, my husband picked up the car and brought it home.

The next morning, I realized that they never changed the back wiper (which was TYPED on my list of things needed) and my car had NO HEAT! Being January, my windows were icing up on the INSIDE with the defrost on! The next day, the car wouldn't even start! We jumped it and brought it back and after another full day of having the car, STILL NO HEAT!!

They tried to give it back to me claiming there was heat pumping when they checked it!

I was furious and let the manager know it! He claimed he was the night manager and had no idea what the day shift had done to my car. I explained the car was working fine when I brought it in two days earlier. After leaving, I brought the car the next day to a REAL mechanic and found out that they had left an air pocket in the antifreeze line (the manager at Pep Boys claimed they had used xxxPSI to put air into the lines to look for leaks, which they supposedly found and repaired).

No wonder there was no heat and the car overheated and wouldn't start in 20 degree weather! My advice: don't skimp on repairs by using this chain; get a REAL mechanic!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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