On 3/2/2010 at 2:50 P.M., I when to Pep boys in the city of Artesia for an oil change on my Dodge diesel. A Service technician came out and asked what service I needed.

I told him I was here for an oil change. The Service personnel said he would check to see if a technician that can perform the task.

The Service personnel came back and said none of the technician will do the task, that the technicians don't get paid enough to perform the task. So I departed their location and call the store manage to advised him of the situation.

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lol Oil change diesel is same as oil change gas,only uses more oil of spesific type. :grin

Better they tell you they can't, then have an untrained person "do it" and then deny all liability when something goes wrong...


gettin you car worked on is not like goin too mcdonalds...***

um yeah how bout you call ahead...*** :?

Did you have an appointment?

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