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I made an appointment on-line to leave my vehicle yesterday(June 5)& they had ALL day to change the oil (June 6).I came to pick it and waited a bit to have him give me my keys. That did not really bother me, could see they were very busy.

I backed my car out of the spot that THEY had parked it in, went out of the parking lot and drove about 1/4 of a mile unto a main road.

As I turned the corner, I felt something happen under my car & then ran over a hard plastic thing with my back wheels. It was my front Cowling cover!! Thankfully, my husband was behind me & watched it happen!

I pulled over & we rode back to the Pep Boys. Waited again for the guy to come back in.

He proceeded to tell us that there must not have been bolts in it in the first place! We told him that THEY had changed our oil the last time & this would have fell off a Long time ago!

I again waited for him to put the screws into the Cowling, which took approximately 15 more minutes. When he pulled my vehicle in front, I went to get into my car & he proceeded to tell me it was because I "had pulled over the parking curb or ran over something!!" I proceeded to inform him that THEY had parked my car & I did NOT drive over speed humps or curbs & this was NOT my fault!! He then said: ""Oh, well I'm not really blaming you, Sweetheart!" I proceeded to tell him that I was not his sweetheart...

He immediately left.

I am not upset that a mistake was made, I am upset that I was treated like it was MY fault.

I will NOT go back to this Pep Boy's location again. I would not use Pepe Boys at all, except it is on my vehicles maintenance plan

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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