Salt Lake City, Utah

I do most of my own work on my vehicles and on occasion I have taken them to pep boys to be looked at or diagnosed. I have found the one I go to be nice courteous and dead on with there diagnostics and repair.

The one I go to is in Utah. I would recommend it to any one. But I have also in the past have had bad service. By a dealership restraint and other types of service, we all have.

And I am sure that some of the experiences that have happened are real. But for me the one in Utah has outstanding customer service and quality that an owner and employees could be very proud of.

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I got tires there for half of the dealer's price...and no I don't work for Pep Boys....and get rewards gift cards for buying stuff, they are always nice, I go to the Nashua NH store


It's nice to see a post on here that isn't a complaint for once. :)


Thank you :)

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