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I now have to get another mechanic to remove the spare and have one of the ones being replaced put back as a spare until I can afford another one to act as a spare. No doubt, there will be a charge.

When I called to make sure my car had arrived (from the tow truck) I was told because I didn't have an appointment I would have to wait about an hour. That was @ 8:00 this morning. The car arrived @ PB about 9:00 and when I asked about how long for completion I was told about 2 hours. I called again for an eta (about 10:15) and said it would not be ready till 12:00 as service on the car had not been started.

This problem is easily solved.

Tell the customer due to other appointments an eta is not available and to call back later. I would rather be told that, then to be lied to!

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About 2 months ago I needed a new tire. I was refused because I was told I needed all new tires and told they were not allowed to give me only one new one.

I decided to make the new tire a spare and put the spare where the damaged tire was. On another visit, about a month ago, I was told that I needed very expensive repairs and I elected to fix only the current problem, just under $1,000.00. I also asked to have the battery checked to see why I was having trouble starting the car as I had purchased a battery from PB a little over a month ago. PB stated that they checked everything and found nothing wrong.

After more starting issues I found another mechanic and the starter was replaced and no more problems. Today I went in again for another tire replacement and It took all the elements of the earth to convince the PB employee I wanted 3 tires. They said they could not put one of the least worn tires as a spare so I was refused. Of course now I have to see another mechanic to remove the damaged tire and put one of the new ones as a spare.

I was willing to go with a 4th tire because the ad was buy 3 tires and get the 4th free. Apparently, only a specific tire falls into the category of buy 3; get the 4th free. God help me if I ever have to go there again!

When I went to the website it did not show ratings but on this website they only get 2 stars!! That's too many!!


Preferred solution: Give the customer a waiver if services requested are not suggested and do what the customer wants. I was told that the customer is not always right!.

Pep Boys Cons: Will not give name when asked over the phone, Would not allow me to speak with a supervisor, Deceiving ads, Rep talked over me and gave misleading eta several times.

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