Prosper, Texas
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i was wondering why they advertise specials and never have any in stock. i tried 2 stores and niether had any of the advertised item i was looking for.

then they sold me a comparable item with the same rebate and gave me the wrong rebate forms for the item. i live 50 miles from the nearest store and now have made 2 trips and not only didn't get what was advertised now i have to go get the right rebate forms.

then to top it off the manager seemed like he didn't care if you bought anything or not and refused to give a raincheck on the item not in stock.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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You should try running one of their stores, believe me it is very seldom the store management when you run into these problems.


I am a bedwetter and bulimic. My breath smells like road kill.


I am learning impaired and crippled from the neck up. So don't pay me any attention.


I called and they said they had them, you're the ***

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #47731

Every try CALLING the stores first? ***.

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